Great Ideas to cover your Cafe & Restaurant outdoor

Whether your restaurant is big or small, you can almost always secure an outdoor seating area to take advantage of more tables and extra revenue with seasonal eating spaces. If you have never considered this kind of arrangement or if you are looking for some ideas on how to take advantage of al fresco dining solutions for your restaurant, here are a few ideas to get your creative mind in gear and how you can make this work for you and your patrons.


A Small Space Can Turn Into An Oasis

Set up a simple perimeter for your space and take measurements to help you decide how to arrange the seating. If you are a restaurant that is set up to turn tables over quickly, then more will fit into your outside space. Measure out the desired diameter of your outdoor table and then factor in how many feet you’d like between your tables. Now you know how many to order for your al fresco dining section. Consider the span of a fully opened outdoor umbrella as well.

Next, refer to the style of your indoor decor in order to decide what style and colour of outdoor cafe & restaurant umbrellas that you need to purchase. The space will look like much more an extension of your indoor dining if it mirrors the same nuances of what you would see if you were sitting inside. Umbrellas come in a wide array of colors, fabric choices and styles, so there is no need to worry.

  courtyard umbrella

Outdoor Umbrellas Are Eye-Catching And Functional

When they are looking for a restaurant that has outdoor seating, nothing will get a potential diner’s attention quicker than seeing opened outdoor umbrellas. These functional pieces for your dining area become a welcoming call to passersby and those interested in taking in some fresh air and a view while they dine.

What comes with these pleasing table essentials is a very valuable protection from the elements. Sunny days can become bothersome for the eyes, not to mention a danger to the skin with prolonged exposure to the sun. You can keep your diners seated for longer periods of time by protecting them safely under outdoor cafe & restaurant umbrellas.


Let your patrons stay for coffee after a meal or for a glass of wine while enjoying their company at the table. The shade and comfort they provide will allow them to relax and take in the outdoor ambiance.

These are just a couple of reasons to consider outdoor seating for your restaurant and some ways that you can ensure that not only is your al fresco space an attractive place to sit and dine but an assurance of comfort for your dinner guests as well.